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Video turbo store TRUTH review and EXCLUSIVE $25000 BONUS

Video Turbo Store Lets Anyone Make Sales Direct From Their Videos… Customers can shop and watch at the same time without EVER needing to leave the video or EVEN hit pause. Video Turbo Store is a ultimate tool powered by "Shop while you watch" Video Marketing Technology... Let's see this review of Video Turbo Store and download 2 giant-exclusive bonus pack value +$24,000...

Description: Video Turbo Store review and bonus - Video Turbo Store

Video Turbo Store review - Video Turbo Store overview:

Video turbo Store review - What's is Video Turbo Store?

Video Turbo Store is a brand new Wordpress plugin that lets your visitors shop and browse through your products without ever leaving the video player, making it easier to buy than ever before.

And if you want proof it works... a player just like this one was what kicked me into finally buying a $100,000 Lamborghini.

And if it can sell a product like that, it can sell ANYTHING.

Video Turbo Store Lets Anyone Make Sales Direct From Their Videos… Customers can shop and watch at the same time without EVER needing to leave the video or EVEN hit pause.

For the very first time, you can use a video player designed for online marketers who want to increase their conversions by bringing their products & services directly to the viewers of their videos. Literally.

It’s mobile responsive and fully customisable.

Description: Video Turbo Store review and bonus - video turbo store plugin

Video Turbo Store Features:

Are your videos not converting as well as you'd like?

It's something you may never have heard of... even though it's destroying your conversions right now.

It's called the 'video death gap'. Those few milliseconds between someone leaving your video to take action and them actually doing it. That break in concentration.

That little break is responsible for more of your prospects dropping off than anything else. Because it's an opportunity for them to get distracted. To go do something else. A little stumbling block on the way to the sale.

Now look, we all know the less of these stumbling blocks you have, the better your conversions are.

But you're probably thinking this is one you can't do much about. After all, even if your action link is right below the video, there's still going to be that break. It's a cost of doing business.

Right now, you're right. But that's about to change.

A guy called Peter Beattie has put together a video player that completely eliminates this 'video death gap'. He's got a thing for exotic cars, and got the idea from Lamborghini.

It's how they finally pushed him into a $100,000 purchase. And if this can sell Lamborghinis, it can do pretty awesome things for your business too.

It's called Video Turbo Store

Description: Video Turbo Store review and bonus - Video Turbo Store


Video Turbo Store DEMO review:





The key benefit of Video Turbo Store:

Description: Video Turbo Store review and bonus - Video Turbo Store

Everyone knows videos are the best way to convert your prospects online. But that doesn't mean it's easy. But the good news is: the problem probably isn't with your video. No matter how engaging your video is, your prospects HAVE to stop paying attention to it to take action.

And in that break, in that tiny second... Most of them are lost.

For most video marketers, it's a fact of life. But here's a player that plugs this leak completely: Video Turbo Store lets your prospects 'shop while they watch'. It adds a product stream directly inside the video player.

(The developer, Peter Beattie, got the idea after viewing the Lamborghini website. And if this can sell Lamborghinis, it can sell ANYTHING).

This is a completely unique video player that lets your prospects "shop while they watch". And that means it makes it easier for them to buy than ever before. (And as we all know, the easier it is for someone to buy, the more likely they are to do it)

So your conversions go through the roof.

With Video Turbo Store, you can:

  • Completely eliminate the death gap: it lets you browse products directly inside the video player, completely removing that break in concentration
  • Turn any video into a simple, profitable "video store"
  • Use it with any video on YouTube
  • Make more sales from your videos without even trying
  • Use it with unlimited videos and products
  • This is hundreds of dollars' worth of value for one tiny investment

It's launching in just a couple of days. But there's even better news.

You will also get 2 giant bonuses pack that value over +$24,700 from us!

Take action right now! Video Turbo Store will turn your IM career into a new level...

Click here to Get 30%-DISCOUNT OFF of Video Turbo Store!

Description: get-instant-accessDescription: birg_logo_new_blue

Description: guarantee_zpsd429a440

Hurry Up... Take Action Right Now!

Description: bonus2

You will be able to get 2 super exclusive bonus packs if you get PROFESSIONAL LICENSES of Leadsnaps!
But it just 
limited to the first 20 fastest people!
Don't waste your precious time! Take action right now! Right Here!!

Click here to see more detail of:

  1. Giant Bonus Pack at $12700
  2. Special Bonus Pack at $9700

Three simple steps to claim these massive bonus packs! 

Step 1: Press (Ctrl + Shift + Delete) Or Clean/Delete all cookie and cache of your internet browser.
Step 2: Click Here to Video Turbo Store
Step 3: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at this contact page!

You will receive 2 bonus packs (Giant Pack  at $12700 + Special Pack at $9700) within 20 Hours.


Post by joshuaka9 (2015-05-25 11:44)

Tags: Video turbo store Video turbo store software Video turbo store review

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